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The O2 Hurricane Canless Air system is the most powerful rechargeable air duster on the market This is now available in the UK and Europe through

Why Use Canless Air

Safe, economical and flexible, the O2 Hurricane is an essential piece of kit. Using nothing but the air around us and lasting 15 times longer than a regular aerosol can from a single charge, the O2 Hurricane sets the new standard for Air Dusters.
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The Worlds Most Powerful Cordless Air Duster: Try it Yourself.

The O2 Hurricane is the most powerful cordless electronic air duster on the market. It produces a continuous 200 mph stream of air which blasts dust and debris away in seconds. With it’s built in long lasting rechargeable battery, the O2 Hurricane produces the equivalent of 25 cans of air from a single charge. Over it’s lifetime, this is equal to 10,000 cans of air, making it incredibly economical and efficient.

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Hurricane Canless Air
MPH Consistent Air Flow
Minutes of Running Time
Cans of Air Worth Per Charge
Cans of Air in a Life Time

Endless Applications: One Simple Solution

Originally designed for cleaning electronics and sensitive equipment, the O2 Hurricane is now widely used for a wide range of both domestic and industrial cleaning tasks. Using nothing but normal air, the electronic system does not create any fire, freezing or inhalation hazards which make it safe to use in all environments. Because of this and the cost saving benefits, the O2 Hurricane has been adopted by many leading global organisations.

Features of the O2 Hurricane

  • Consistent 200mph air flow

  • 12 Minutes of Continuous Power

  • Equal to 15 Cans per Charge

  • Simple One Button Use

  • Durable & Hardwearing

  • Long Battery Life

  • Uses 100% Normal Air

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Cost Reducing & Effiicient

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User Reviews:

Find Out What People Are Saying About the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Blows me away

“Brought this a few days ago and cleaned out my PC as soon as it arrived. First thing I noticed was that it felt well made, sturdy and fitted well in my hand. Cleaned out my PC very thoroughly, air flow is strong and continuous as I hoped it would be. I’ve also used it to clean behind radiators and my wife couldn’t wait to try it out on the light shades. Overall a quality product which I have found many ways to use it effectively.” – Ben

Amazingly powerful dust blaster, check out the canlessair videos on youtube. This is perfect for cleaning PCs, especially if you have a liquid cooled PC as it can blast dust out of the radiators. Well worth the money.
Jenny, Armari Limited
Does exactly as advertised in the videos.
Really great air flow that lasts a long time and strong and strudy design.
Quality product.

Burgess, LB
This unit cleaned out two years worth of dust from an aging PC with nary a sweat. Overall: happy that I bought it and I can see it being useful in many situations.
Hellblazer, Amazon
I was sick and tired of buying tinned wind, and nothing else does quite the same job till I spotted one of these. It does exactly what it says on the tin, better than tinned wind, and will eventually save money as well as being greener. Feels well built and powerful!
Oliver, Amazon
Used continuously for 3 days while packing for a move and only charged once! It has been invaluable for everything from dusty books, fabrics, to delicate small collectables and game cartridges. It is odorless, pure air flow that leaves no residue as there are no added chemicals during propulsion. Works perfectly and safely for computer parts as well.
Greg, Core Gaming

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